For even as physicists presently assume to their scientific confusion that light is both a particle and a wave, so do devils live in both the lie and the truth, side by side, and both can exist with equal force (Norman Mailer)


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  1. R.I.P. Norman Mailer

    Dr. Steve, do “psychopaths” have the brain machinery to dream? Do you know?


  2. swivelchair – Now that is an interesting question. I’ll get back to you on it. In the meantime – here’s my guess: yes.

    This guess is based on my (rather unorthodox) view that psychopaths are like autistics in that there is some neurological wiring that hasn’t happened. I did investigate once whether autistics dream and they do.

  3. swivelchair – In my view Norman Mailer was a great mind. (I wouldn’t call him a wise man in that he wasn’t the kind of person one should go to for guidance, etc.) But that’s to expect the wrong thing. As far deep insight into the human being goes he was tops.

  4. Dr. Steve, thanks for the comments, it is interesting to me

    Autistic people dream — they have the connections.

    I was asking because alcoholics tend to lose white matter (I read some where) — and (this is totally unscientific) with people who I know who have had addiction problems — I’ve noticed they don’t dream. So I’m wondering about white matter.

    I’m also wondering about temper tantrums. I mean, these seem to be common in Fragile X and Autistic disorders and people with personality disorders. I wonder what neural connection that is? Or is it a chemical?

    I’ll have to catch up on my Norman Mailer reading — If you go on to NYT web site, on the opinion page, Dick Cavet has a description of a show he was on that you might be interested in (it had Gore Vidal, too).

    I enjoy your blog! Swivelchair

  5. swivelchair – Thanks for that. I’ll keep my ears open re addicts and (not) dreaming.

    I’ll check the Cavett piece too.

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