More on dating

We’ve considered before the dangers of dating here, here, and here. Thanks to Sigmund, Carl & Alfred Jan 19 (and Mamacita) for pointing to this clip on the awfulness of dating: (be patient – it loads slowly).

In the Car 2
, originally uploaded by Ted Percival
Lianne Showing a Cheeky Grin, originally uploaded by rileyroxx


5 thoughts on “More on dating

  1. How funny! How sad!

    See if you think this was the pattern:
    Woman: was most concerned about what others would think
    Man: was most concerned about being exploited by the woman

    Also — this loaded really quickly for me —

  2. Sheesh, DrS –

    For middle class suburbia, where people are mobile, and status is apparent by what is visible, there is a real problem. If no one knows how great you are, you need to probably treat people like that — because your “significant” other is “significant” in part for the status they impart to you.

    Where society is more stable — say your family lives in one place for generations, and families know other families — all the superficial fluff probably doesn’t matter.
    So maybe you should marry a relative.

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