I’m DrSteve, author of the top two inches.

My interest is in the mysterious workings of the mind. So in the blog I have a finger in several pies. In alphabetical order: neuorology, philosophy, psychiatry, psychology, psychotherapy, social psychology, social theory, and so on.

(Exercising the body is another interest, especially the role of the mind. Thus posts like – the perfect push-up and how people think about it totally wrongly.)the top two inches uses ideas from these fields with examples from literature, popular culture, current events, blogs, and my own experience in order to speculate about living the good life (meaning full and decent).

Along the way I discover things I didn’t know I was interested in. Like my postings on psychopathy.

Besides the enjoyment of developing and clarifying my ideas, the best part of blogging is contact with bloggers and readers of blogs. Hey, otherwise I might as well just keep a journal!

Photos add a lot to this blog. I always credit the generous photographers and make every effort to use those licensed under a Creative Commons license. Readers to visit these photographers on flickr. If your photograph appears here and you are unhappy about it for whatever reason, please let me know and I will of course remove it.

Writings/posts authored by DrSteve: As far as the writing, feel free to copy or link, under a creative commons attribution license (click here to see — this is the one that says you can use the work however you want just attribute it to me DrSteve at The Top Two Inches, preferably with a link, thanks much).

Contact me! Comments and criticisms are welcome.

3 thoughts on “About

  1. I’ve read some of your posts on psychopathy and empathy, and I have a question. Since psychopaths lack insight into their personality disorder, could anyone be a psychopath without realizing it? How would one know if one is a psychopath or otherwise “emphatically challenged”?

    Answer me by E-mail, please.

  2. Hi,

    Discovered this blog today and have found your series on empathy to be quite interesting! I like it! It is a subject that interests me intensely (due to my work on psychopathy) and you have found some very nice ways of conveying your ideas simply. Kudos!

  3. laura – Good to have you aboard. A really wonderful thing about this site is the level of involvement of the readers. I hope you’ll comment whenever I or a reader say something of interest. We all learn stuff form each other – I know i certainly do.

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