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I sat on the beach in front of our hotel reading a just-published tome about dysfunctional personality styles, thinking that in it I would find clues to my own. (I turn to such works for escape the way other people turn to romance novels: Something about the human spectacle in all its malformed variety infinitely soothes me.) (Daphne Merkin)
January 2, 2008

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Truthiness aphorism: What he knew, he knew absolutely and what he did not know was of no interest to him. (Paul Hoffman)
December 28, 2007

Just a quick reminder about Stephen Colbert’s notion:-

Truthiness is

-thinking with your heart not your head
-being convinced by perception not facts
-what you want to be true vs what is true.


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For even as physicists presently assume to their scientific confusion that light is both a particle and a wave, so do devils live in both the lie and the truth, side by side, and both can exist with equal force (Norman Mailer)
December 25, 2007

That unsurpassable hatred that a man deficient in virility feels for a woman who is a better man (Rebecca West)
December 19, 2007

35 aphorisms on liars and lying
November 29, 2007

Yesterday I tried to get some clarity on what constitutes lying. I came up with this inelegant definition:

What qualifies something as a lie is not its truth or falsity, but the conscious (or unconscious) attempt to deceive (or be deceived by) others (and/or oneself).

How to lie
1. Dr. Johnson:
“We are inclined to believe those whom we do not know because they have never deceived us.

2. Marquess of Halifax:
“Malice must go under the disguise of plainness, or else it is exposed.”

3. Mark Twain:
“One of the most striking differences between a cat and a lie is that a cat only has nine lives.”

4. Samuel Butler:
“The best liar is he who makes the smallest amount of lying go the longest way.”


I believe people do change; there’s no mileage, really, in believing the opposite (Hilary Mantel)
January 24, 2007