Top ten common push-up flaws

Are you getting all you can from your pushups? If not the problem may lie between your ears – read on!

Maybe you long since dropped them from your program? Everyone ‘knows’ how to do pushups, but almost no-one does them well.

Consequently: physically uncomfortable exercise,  lack of progress, injuries. And so the pushup doesn’t feature enough in training programs – people hate doing them!

This is a tragedy. To state just one reason – done well a pushup encourages excellent posture. Done wrong it leads to round shoulders/shrunken chest and sway-back, plus shoulder injuries (esp. rotator cuff).

This blog is about the workings of the mind and I propose that the mind gets in the way of doing the perfect pushup. 1. People’s very often think wrongly about the push-up; as a fitness exercise. And this leads to 2. wrong thinking during the push-up; switching the mind off in order to ‘get through’ them.

Let’s start with common errors.

10. Quantity not quality
Very old style gym teachers, coaches, and military instructors still treat pushups as a test of endurance and/or a punishment. The more pushups we do the merrier they are.

However, if pushups are to be a part of our efforts to a stronger, healthier body, then five perfect pushups outdo twenty incorrect ones every time. That’s right, five perfect pushups take considerable work. It’ll take you some time to build up to ten. There’s no reason to do more – rather employ these right technique with legs raised on a Swiss ball. Continue reading