Contribute to ‘Daily Con’

Lies, bull, confidence trickery, verbal jujitsu, paramoralisms, being jesuitical, mendacity, twisting the truth, false apologies, truthity, evasiveness, telling porkies, phoniness, quibbling…and other examples of bad faith.

Daily Con is a spin-off of the blog ‘The Top Two Inches‘. Daily Con is a place where exemplars of mendacity can be exhibited. Or in regular English, This Is A Place To Stick Some Bull To The Wall.

In order to become anything the contents of this site need to be provided by readers. Daily Con could be thought of as a kind of community art project something like the wonderful secret postcards project, postsecret.

Has someone tried (or succeeded) in duping/manipulating you? Have you perpetrated it yourself? have you come across examples in the media, literature, etc. Have you overheard something? Submit it to Daily Con.

The point? We learn about people’s trickiness. We can be chastened and improve our own behaviour. We can have a laugh or shake our heads.

All identifying details – unless of figures in the public eye – will be omitted.

Daily Con can be accessed here, and submissions sent to me at:

The header-image for Daily Con is from a pic by the photographer Pσrcelαΐηgΐrl°. Take a few minutes to check out her work.

Photo: mouth expressions., originally uploaded by Pσrcelαΐηgΐrl°


One thought on “Contribute to ‘Daily Con’

  1. Good article. I love push ups and pull up but during P90X I have sore shoulders on both sides. It was the military pushup that did me in. John

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